Welcome to the Warcraft Priests Community!

Established in 2011 under HowToPriest.com, WarcraftPriests.com has a long history of being the premier priest community, now with hundreds of thousands of priests from all over the world coming together for all things Priest in World of Warcraft.

Following the creation of ShadowPriest.com in 2006, the community centered around these forums flourished and was quickly the place to be for all things Shadow. Unfortunately, the community there did not last. The website was sold to an advertising company that neglected the community and was only interested in revenue.

After the steady decline, our founder and admin, Veiled, sought to pick up the pieces to create a new home for every priest specialization. H2P was created on February 6th, 2011, and overnight, the community exploded. A year and a half later, in August 2012, we purchased ShadowPriest.com from the advertising company and, at last, it was returned to community hands.

Following the introduction of Discord to the gaming community in 2016, the HowToPriest Discord server quickly became the beacon for the priest class and within months the community was bigger and better than ever before.

In 2018, our Discord community continues to grow and we’ve relaunched our site under the Warcraft Priests name in order to be a more inclusive community with a clear goal: uniting the Priests of Warcraft.