HowToPriest is now Warcraft Priests!

With the upcoming release of Battle for Azeroth, HowToPriest is being renamed to Warcraft Priests! HowToPriest’s goal has always been, since its inception at the beginning of Cataclysm, to provide the Priest community with the most thoroughly researched information about all three Priest specs and to provide a place for in-depth discussions to take place about Priests and its specs. This has mostly been achieved over the past seven years using forum topics and threads where discussions take place over longer periods of time.

One drawback from this style of community is the finality of statements and the rate at which threads become outdated. With the explosion in popularity of Discord to communicate with and disseminate information through the community and the related lack of activity in the forums side of the community, it feels like now, more than ever, the time for a change in how theorycraft is shared has come.

Additionally, with so much discussion within the community about each spec, the game in general, and the sharing of dank memes and heckin’ doggos happening in real time, the community is no longer just about “how to play a priest” but rather interacting with other individuals that share a common thread: we are all Priests within the World of Warcraft. A more fitting name to foster and encourage discussion is appropriate.

A new website,, has been built and will serve as a focal point for people to reference for information about each spec and Priests in general. Discussion and general community interaction will continue in our Discord server.

Thank you all for being such a wonderful community. Here’s looking ahead to Battle for Azeroth!



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