Hi, I’m Veiled, Founder & Admin of WCP. I’ve played Priest since Vanilla and started raiding as Shadow in The Burning Crusade. I’ve previously raided at a very high level and played Shadow through every tier. Currently, my main focus is the administration of this website and our Discord server, while also continuing to play Shadow casually.

This is a condensed shadow guide meant to offer a quick way to start learning your spec. To view the full shadow guide, you can start here. Please note that this is just a place to start and not meant to offer full guidance.


Legendaries: Use Heart of the Void and Sephuz’s Secret legendaries.


War Mode (recommended for xp boost):

Playstyle: Gather mobs either while mounted or with Vampiric Touch and when they gather up, Dark Void (or VT apply DoTs with Misery) > Shadow Crash > Mindsear to 95 Insanity > Erupt > Dark Ascension.

Stat Priority & Gear

For BFA, the stat priority is currently:
Intellect > Haste/Crit > Mastery > Versatility

Stat Tips:

  • Avoid Mastery and Versatility when you can.
  • Choose Crit/Haste pieces.
  • Choose higher ilvl.



Green – The best, default talent.
Blue – Has merit, but used in specific cases.
Red – Do not take this talent.

Shadow Priest Quickstart Guide - Battle for Azeroth (8.0.1)

For an in-depth explanation of talents, read more here.



There are two priority lists for our rotation due to Void Form.

Out of VF
  1. Cast Void Eruption
  2. Cast Dark Ascension
  3. Cast SWD (if 2 charges)
  4. Cast Dark Void
  5. Cast Fiend/Bender
  6. Cast SWD
  7. Cast Crash
  8. Cast Blast
  9. Keep up Pain and Touch
  10. Use filler
  1. Cast Bolt
  2. Cast SWD (if 2 charges)
  3. Cast Dark Void (if adds not about to spawn)
  4. Cast Fiend/Bender
  5. Cast Crash
  6. Cast Blast
  7. Cast Void Torrent
  8. DoT new targets/maintain DoTs
  9. Use filler

Rotation Tips & Info

Mind Sear replaces single target spells at these numbers of targets:

The best way to use Dark Ascension is on cooldown. DA gives you a strong aoe burst, so hold it for the right moment if you need that burst.



We’re currently in the process of running sims for the recent changes to azerite traits. Early opinions of Dagger in the Back and Thunderous Blast are positive.


Void Form

Voidform is the main mechanic of the Shadow Priest spec. To learn more about Void Form, visit this link for the full write-up.



All racials are within a 1% difference of each other. It’s useful to look at racial abilities (i.e. Arcane Torrent, Darkflight, etc). Otherwise, play whatever race you like.






Credit & Thanks

Huge thanks to the Warcraft Priests shadow theorycrafting team and Melgane, who wrote the full shadow guide. Also, thank you to SemicolonDash for his guidance and input.


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  • Aug 13, 2018 – Updated for BFA release.
  • Aug 1, 2018 – Guide published and made public.