This page has in-depth explanations of the different holy priest talents we can take and when they can be useful, as well as recommendations for both raid and dungeon content. This guide is currently up to date for Shadowlands.

Talent Recommendations

Raid Healing

These talents are usually pretty consistent between Normal, Heroic, and Mythic raiding.

The mana regeneration you receive from this talent generally gives more throughput than your other options. This is not used for mana problems.
25Angelic Feather
Since this our only good form of movement, this talent is usually locked in for all content.
30Guardian Angel
Though Cosmic Ripple is popular for raiding, Guardian Angel should result in more throughput if used on priority targets close to on cooldown. However, if you have a planned moment to use Guardian Spirit where you know it will pop, and this greatly reduces the number of times you can use it during a fight, you may want to use Cosmic Ripple instead.
35Psychic Voice / Censure / Shining Force
What you use here will greatly depend on what your group needs. Take a look at the talent deep dive down help you choose a talent.
40Prayer Circle
This talent currently gives decent throughput and is very easy to use. Make sure not to hold onto your Circle of Healing casts for it, however.
This talent provides great burst healing and damage to all targets you hit. Try to use it on cooldown.
50Holy Word: Salvation
This large cooldown can be used every 4 or 5 minutes depending on how often you are using your Holy Words, providing a large amount of healing.
Dungeon Healing

Please note that these talents are chosen for dungeons all the way from Normal to general Mythic+. If you are pushing Mythic+ keys to a very high degree, these talents may not be what you need, as you generally have to change your talents to help with specific bottlenecks in some dungeons.

15Trail of Light
This talent is great for triage healing. This will allow you to focus on multiple targets at once during heavy damage. Keep in mind that you cannot get the buff to go on your current target by spamming Heal or Flash Heal.
25Angelic Feather
This is our only decent movement ability, so it is usually locked in for all content.
30Guardian Angel
This talent is amazing for when you need strong single-target healing on a short cooldown.
35Psychic Voice / Censure / Shining Force
What you use here will greatly depend on what your group needs. Take a look at the talent deep dive down help you choose a talent.
40Surge of Light
This talent is great for movement. the mana you save generally does not matter as much because you are able to drink often between packs when doing dungeon content. You are able to save up procs of this buff specifically for when you need to move, but only when you do not need to currently Flash Heal anyone.
45Divine Star
Given that in dungeon content most of the group is together, Divine Star sees a lot of use. Use it early and often.
This is a wonderful cooldown to use both preplanned and reactionally in dungeon content. It gives you extremely strong burst healing, either single target or groupwide. Use this early and often as you can get many uses during a dungeon.

Talent Deep Dive

All 3 of these talents are passive and therefore easy to use. They all increase your efficiency in some way, either by increasing specific spells healing per mana or simply by giving you more mana altogether.

Enlightenment - Increases your mana regeneration. When we use this talent it is not to fix mana problems. The throughput that this talent can give via the extra mana it gives you simply beats its contenders in this tier.

Trail of Light - 35% of the healing from your Heal or Flash Heal is replicated on the last target you cast Heal or Flash Heal on. This is nice when you need to triage between multiple targets. It will not heal the same target you are currently healing, even if you cast Heal or Flash Heal on them multiple times in a row.

Renewed Faith - Your healing is increased by 10% on your targets with Renew. You do not have to cast Renew in order to get the increased healing - the Renews left from both Benediction and Holy Word: Salvation will also give this healing increase.

"The feather row". This talent row has the opportunity to be a nice movement or defensive row. However, since we do not have any baseline movement abilities, we have defaulted to Angelic Feather for quite a few expansions now, making this row boring.

Angel's Mercy - Taking damage will reduce the cooldown of your Desperate Prayer. The more damage you take, the more it is reduced. Generally does not see a lot of use because of Angelic Feather.

Body and Soul - Power Word: Shield and Leap of Faith increase the target's movement speed by 40% for 3 seconds. Consider it Angelic Feather but with a mana cost.

Angelic Feather - Gives you 3 charges of a feather you can place on the ground so either you or your allies can have 40% movement speeds for 5 seconds. There is a macro you can create to self-cast Angelic Feather at your feet here.

This row gives you a few different choices to increase your healing, whether its increasing the power of spells you already have, or giving you a new one.

Cosmic Ripple - Cosmic Ripple is a small smart heal that will proc every time you use Holy Word: Serenity or Holy Word: Sanctify. Passive, easy smart healing!

Guardian Angel - This talent has the ability to give your external a one minute cooldown by shortening it if it does not "pop" through your target's death. If used often you can get a very decent chunk of throughput out of it - and since you can choose the target that gets the healing increase you can make sure it always goes where it's needed.

Afterlife - Afterlife both increases the duration of your Spirit of Redemption to 22.5 seconds, it also increases the range of your spells during this time, since you cannot move. In some fights Spirit of Redemption can be used as a pseudo Innervate, allowing you to cast for a long period of time with no mana cost.

Our crowd control talent row! All 3 talents have uses depending on what you are doing. If you are in need of a short groupwide CC, you are able to take Psychic Voice. If you want are more single target focused CC you would take Censure - this is good if you know there is a specific target you want to help keep locked down. Shining force is great for kiting.

Psychic Voice - Not much to say here, the cooldown of Psychic Scream is reduced to 30 seconds.

Censure - Turns Holy Word: Chastise into a stun instead of an incapacitate, so it will not break on damage.

Shining Force - Does a knockback around your target and slows all targets that are knocked back. Useful for kiting since you can target your tank with it.

Surge of Light would be used when you want to save mana or get some increased movement. Binding Heal is currently not tuned well enough to be used, but it is generally good when there is a lot of rot damage because 1/3 of the healing will always be on you, and you do not want it to overheal in order to make the most use out of this talent. Prayer Circle can be all-around good to use.

Surge of Light - Your healing spells and Smite (not all DPS spells) have a chance to cause your next Flash Heal to be instant and free. You are able to have 2 stacks of this proc, allowing you to bank Flash Heals for times you know you need to move, or if you need to save the mana.

Binding Heal - Heals you, your target, and one other target for a decent amount. The third target is a smart heal, but the overheal for this ability (usually on yourself) and the general healing per mana for this spell makes it less attractive to use.

Prayer Circle - Casting Circle of Healing makes you cast Prayer of Healing faster. This talent will be nice when you want to dump mana or burst heal easier. We do not recommend holding Circle of Healing for this talent, as it is a very good button to press on cooldown. I would also recommend not feeling pressured to make use of every buff you have - that would suck up your mana quite quickly.

All 3 of these talents can see use depending on the content you do. Benediction is nice in raids when you have consistent rot damage that you want to heal, especially if you are good at using Prayer of Mending on cooldown. Divine Star sees a lot of use in dungeons where Halo may pull some extra mobs. Halo is great for burst healing.
Halo and Divine Star both have a unique way of scaling compared to other spells. The discussion of it can be read here in our compendium. This scaling information is not required to use them well, it is simply a good read if you are interested in the mechanics of the spell.

Benediction - Prayer of Mending has a chance to leave a Renew on your target. This has some potential synergy with Renewed Faith, as it will leave Renew on your target and therefore increase the healing they receive. It however is completely random, and really relies on you casting Prayer of Mending on cooldown to maximize its healing.

Divine Star - This will throw a star out in front of you, doing damage and healing, and then come back to you, doing damage and healing again. It will follow you if you move. Generally does less healing in raids because the group needs to be stacked to receive healing, and generally, not everyone is stacked up.

Halo - Halo does good healing and damage all around you in a large circle. This will pull any mobs that are in the vicinity, requiring you to position for it properly.


Light of the Naaru - Increases all cooldown reduction gained by your Holy Words. This is a passive, easy talent if you want to consistently have more Holy Words available to you.

Apotheosis - This 2-minute cooldown resets the cooldown of your Holy Words, increases the cooldown reduction to said Holy Words by 300%, AND makes them free. This spell will work on not only Sanctify and Serenity, but Chastise as well.
Because the talent resets your Holy Words, you are able to cast them back to back if you use them right before activating Apotheosis, which will give you a lot of burst healing. Also, since it is a 2-minute cooldown, it can be used early and often.

Holy Word: Salvation - Our big cooldown! Don't let the 12-minute cooldown alarm you - having your Holy Words chop off 30 seconds usually makes this spell a 4 or 5-minute cooldown in a regular raid situation.
This spell provides an instant upfront heal but also gives your allies 2 stacks of Prayer of Mending and a Renew. This means the best time to use it is after some raid damage has come out (to make use of the upfront heal) and during rot or other burst damage. (so you can make use of the Prayer of Mending and Renew)

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