This holy priest Gearing guide has been updated for Shadowlands 9.2 and is updated as new information is discovered. This page will talk about stats, consumables, trinkets, legendaries, and conduits.

How to Gear a Holy Priest

DISCLAIMER: It is important to note that no stat is "bad" for us, they are all good. In fact, holy priest gearing is very easy. The more of a single stat we stack, the less value it has relative to the stat we have the least of. However, generally, mastery is more valuable in raids where we need to be as efficient with our mana as we can be, while mastery is less valuable in mythic+ which has a higher burst requirement meaning Echo of Light doesn't have time to tick for full effect.

How Each Stat Works
Critical Strike

Critical Strike - Gives the chance for our healing spells to do double their original amount.


Haste - Reduces the cast time of spells, and lowers GCD and the cooldown of certain spells in our toolkit like Circle of Healing and Prayer of Mending.

Note: Heal over time effects scale linearly meaning Renew does not have any breakpoints. This means that instead of an extra tick being all or nothing with traditional breakpoints, a partial tick is created with a magnitude based on how close to the next full tick the duration is.


Mastery - This stat directly buffs our Echo of Light passive.

When a direct healing spell is cast on a party member, Echo applies a six-second heal over time on them that heals for a percent of the cast spell. If another direct heal is cast on the same person, the Echo will stack with the previous one extending the hot to eight seconds and splitting the heal into three ticks instead of two. Echo will not overwrite itself, but keep adding to the remaining portion.

Mastery is not affected by any other healing increase effects. It cannot crit on its own, versatility does not work on it, etc. Echo of Light will only be a copy of the spell you originally cast.

For example, with 30% mastery, and casting a 10,000 healing effect, the Echo of Light would then heal the target for 3,000 over the next 6 seconds. More specifically, it would be two ticks three seconds apart of 1,500.


Versatility - This stat has a direct impact on all your healing done, and should absolutely not be ignored. Even if you don't take into consideration the damage reduction that versatility gives, always having some is also great for your throughput.

Our Stat "Priority"

The first thing to remember is that intellect is currently much more important than secondary stats when gearing a holy priest. It is by far our most impactful stat, and we gain intellect at a higher rate than secondaries as item level increases, so when equipping armor items it is almost always item level > stats. After your armor is selected, use rings, neck, enchants, and gems to balance out your secondaries.


Intellect >> Mastery | Critical Strike > Versatility > Haste


Intellect >> Critical Strike | Haste > Versatility > Mastery


In 9.2, we now get to use the Unity legendary, allowing us to gain the legendary power of our chosen covenant as a second legendary. Even when taking legendaries into account, our covenant choices are still pretty close in value. The Unity legendary will swap with you when you switch covenants, so feel free to swap around as you do content. We still recommend the following legendaries for this tier:

Raiding - Flash Concentration or Harmonious Apparatus for a slightly easier to use option.
Mythic+ - Flash Concentration

Legendary Deep Dive

These legendaries are listed in no particular order.


Echo of Eonar - This legendary can give you a buff that increases your healing by 10% for a short amount of time. It will also buff allies near you, preferring healers if they are near. If you include the healing bonus that it will give your co-healers in a raid setting, it does pretty decent healing. Given that the buff that this legendary gives is healing only, it's generally considered a pretty poor legendary as healing bonuses aren't needed very often.

Norgannon's Sagacity - It is hard to put a value on this legendary, but it can be nice to use for holy priest gearing because we tend to like to plant ourselves in one location and heal quite often. With max stacks, Norgannon's can let you move while using Divine Hymn for just over half the channel, which could be useful if you need to move out of a mechanic mid-Hymn.

Sephuz's Proclamation - This one can offer some use if you are in a situation where you can make use of either of our crowd control abilities like Holy Word: Chastise and Psychic Scream, or if you are in a situation where you are dispelling often.

Third Eye of the Jailer - While this legendary does have the opportunity to give us more intellect, which we love, the amount it gives, and the length it gives it is low.

Vitality Sacrifice - This legendary effect is currently a bit underwhelming.

Judgment of the Arbiter - This legendary does no healing.

Maw Rattle - This legendary does no healing.

Stable Phantasma Lure - This legendary does no healing.

Priest Specific

Cauterizing Shadows - This legendary is a little awkward to use with the globals required to continually keep up Shadow Word: Pain, especially in multi-target scenarios where the heal would really shine.

Measured Contemplation - Generally not very good - while buffing Flash Heal is normally seen as a good thing for dungeons, not being able to cast it for 15 seconds just to get one stack of this buff can hurt.

Twins of the Sun Priestess - If you are able to line up meaningful damage and healing and are able to use Power Infusion at this time, this legendary can have really good value. You will most likely be using Power Infusion on a DPS, and if their damage cooldowns do not line up with times that you need to do healing, the healing value will plummet. This is less of a problem in mythic+ where you need to actively do as much damage as possible, so more haste is always welcome. While this legendary has the opportunity to provide very good throughput, it does rely on you using Power Infusion during times where you can provide meaningful healing.

Vault of Heavens - This legendary could be used for additional movement. It is difficult to tell how much of an HPS increase this is, we would recommend using it only if you had a very movement-heavy fight, and if you did not pick a covenant that has a movement Signature ability.

Holy Specific
  • Divine Image - While the healing from this is not too bad, the N'aaru may not come out when you need it, and generally isn't out very often.
  • Flash Concentration - A good raiding legendary, though it will probably require a weakaura to track the buff so you can make sure to keep your stacks up. It is very punishing if you lose your stacks on your buff.
  • Harmonious Apparatus - This is a consistent and easy-to-use legendary as long as we cast Prayer of Mending and Circle of Healing on cooldown.
  • X'anshi, Return of Archbishop Benedictus - It is difficult to put a value on this legendary. It can be good to use during progression to help fix mistakes, whether it is saving you from death, or allowing you to soak a mechanic that would kill you otherwise. You can plan your death during heavy damage and use the time in Spirit of Redemption to heal for free, which can result in a healing increase if you use all of your mana afterward, similar to an Innervate. X'anshi does not give you mana, it stops your mana regeneration and also makes all of your spells free to cast.
Covenant Specific

As mentioned above, all four of these legendaries are tuned pretty decently and could be used - Flash Concentration's power just overshadows them.

Venthyr: Shadow Word: Manipulation - Slight buff to Mindgames with a small critical strike buff after Mindgames has expired.

Necrolord: Pallid Command - Summons a minion that will heal allies for 20 seconds after you cast Unholy Nova.

Night Fae: Bwonsamdi's Pact - This legendary makes your Fae Guardian's button turn into something new on cast - you gain the ability to move around a haunted mask that will increase the effectiveness of a faerie buff on a target.

Kyrian: Sphere's Harmony - This legendary reduces the cooldown of Boon of the Ascended.


If you are looking for recommended soulbind paths and covenant information, look here.

Potency - Resonant Words is currently our best potency conduit. It's followed closely by Courageous Ascension and Shattered Perceptions if you are Kyrian or Venthyr. Holy Oration can be used if you need a second potency conduit but are not Kyrian or Venthyr.

Finesse - These conduits will change in value depending on the content you are doing. In general, Clear Mind will be the winner as long as you are using any of our dispels. Power Unto Others is another good pick if you are able to make use of the shorter cooldown.

Endurance - Translucent Image is our first pick if we have an option to use an endurance conduit, as it is one of our only means of having any personal damage reduction. If you have the option for a second endurance conduit you will want to choose Condensed Anima Sphere.

Conduit Deep Dive

Resonant Words - Currently our best potency conduit. One thing that can feel poor about the holy priest rotation is that our fillers feel underpowered compared to our Holy Words. This can lend some power to a few of our filler spells throughout a fight and make things a bit more smooth.

Holy Oration - This conduit offers a small boost to the cooldown reduction of our Holy Words.

Focused Mending - Though this only works with the first target you cast Prayer of Mending on, it is a small boost to throughput if you are casting it on cooldown.

Lasting Spirit - This one would be used best if paired with the Guardian Angel talent, and used early and often to get the most uses out of a fight. This conduit is particularly good on the Sun King's Salvation encounter.


Clear Mind - This can be useful if you are in an instance where you need to dispel often.

Power Unto Others - This will provide a small boost if you are able to make use of the shorter cooldown on Power Infusion when using it on an ally.

Mental Recovery - In a PvE situation, you may want to use this conduit if you are going to be kiting mobs often and need them to be slowed.

Move with Grace - Not particularly useful unless you're using Leap of Faith often.


Translucent Image - Although it gives a pretty small amount, this ability actually gives us some personal damage reduction which is pretty nice.

Light's Inspiration - This can offer an extra little bit of healing, but the idea of our personal is for a quick heal in emergencies, where a healing over time spell doesn't work very well.

Charitable Soul - Power Word: Shield is currently not a good spell to use, so this conduit will not do a lot for us.

Condensed Anima Sphere - This provides efficient healing as it procs often and only after you have taken damage.

Covenant Specific

Courageous Ascension - This gives a good boost to the damage and healing of Boon of the Ascended.

Shattered Perceptions - The extra 2 seconds on Mindgames, as well as the increase in the damage and healing make this a good conduit to use.

Festering Transfusion - The extra two seconds on this ability means a bit less when Unholy Transfusion already lasts 15 seconds. The healing increase is not high enough to warrant taking this conduit.

Fae Fermata - This conduit makes it a bit less painful if you accidentally move a faerie you did not mean to move while using Fae Guardians. You can only have one copy of your faeries so you are unable to spread them around.

2 Piece

Knowledge: Your Holy Words proc Divine Conversation, increasing the cooldown reduction of your next Holy-Word-affecting spell by 15 seconds.

4 Piece

Blessed Soul: Divine Conversation increases the effectiveness of your next Holy-Word-affecting spell by 60%.

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