Welcome to WarcraftPriests Discipline Priest Guide. This guide is updated to patch 9.2 World of Warcraft Shadowlands.

Our aim is to cover everything needed to master Discipline in all PVE areas of content.

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  • Author: Hellpriesto - Admin at WarcraftPriests, content creator and theorycrafter. Raider for <Witness> on EU-Draenor.
  • Evaluator: Clandon - Moderator at Warcraftpriests, Icy Veins Author for Discipline Priest. Raider for <Incarnate> on US-Tichondrius.


Hello everyone and welcome to WarcraftPriest's Shadowlands Discipline Guide. All feedback and discussion are welcomed, please feel free to contact us in the WarcraftPriest Discord. All content within this guide carries a PVE focus.

Suppose you prefer to have a more brief version of this guide which covers a lot less but will get you going quicker. Please refer to the Quick Start Guide.

Discipline plays quite differently to the majority of the healing roster. Our healing style requires us to be proactive and make quick decisions for Atonement placement. It will require a firm grasp of being able to apply efficient Atonement to our allies at the correct moments whilst also dealing damage to our enemies to heal.

Whats New In Patch 9.2?

There have been no class changes, no buffs and no nerfs to Discipline.

We will now be able to use two legendaries. This is, however, limited to using the covenant legendary and one other of our choosing. Expected combos are as follows:

There are now tier set bonuses to obtain. The Discipline set is as follows:

  • Two set - From Dusk: Casting Power Word:Shield or Shadowmend has a 15% chance to make your next cast of Shadow Mend have no cost or cast time. The Atonement applied by these Shadow Mends grant an extra 2 seconds of Atonement.
    • The extra seconds just balance out the GCD shift from and instant Shadow Mend.
      • Currently bugged and 2 stacks are consumed.

Our thoughts: This two set is mostly underwhelming and actively has anti-synergy with our kit. It's still a net gain over standard gear and additional mana is welcomed

Our thoughts: This bonus is how powerful penance should be without external bonuses. It's strong and something to obtain as a priority. It opens up some interesting gameplay options (most namely Venthyr within raids).


Below is a table of common acronyms used when talking about Discipline Priest specific spells.

PW:S - Power Word: ShieldPW:R - Power Word: RadianceSW:P - Shadow Word: Pain
SF - ShadowfiendMB - MindbenderPW:B - Power Word: Barrier
PTW - Purge the WickedPotDS - Power of the Dark SideLoF - Leap of Faith
ToF - Twist of FateScov - Shadow CovenantSotM - Sins of the Many
SW:D - Shadow Word: DeathDP - Desperate PrayerPI - Power Infusion
SS - Spirit ShellPS - Pain SuppressionMD - Mass Dispel

What has changed from BFA?

Aside from the large changes to the game such as the level squish, there has not been a lot of changes to Discipline Priest. Here is an article that goes over all the changes here.

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