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Hello everyone and welcome to the changes for Discipline Legion to BFA. I am Hellpriesto, a Mod here at Warcraftpriests. All feedback and discussion is welcomed. Feel free to contact myself KCR or Clandon. The best place to reach us is in the Warcraftpriests Discord.

There have been numerous changes to Discipline over the course of the BFA Beta, many of which have been advantageous to the spec overall. The focus of the spec has been strongly shifted towards making Atonement application far more important in the sense that you must be very specific with who it's applied to. This is due to Atonement being far more mana expensive to apply whilst our damage spells have become cheaper to cast.

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Spell Changes

New Spells Added
Baseline Spells Removed
Baseline Spells Modified
  • Atonement - Damage trinkets and Racials no longer heal through Atonement. Atonement is now 60% transfer baseline.
  • 40% Increase Aura - Various spells have a 40% healing increase aura on top of the base spell power coefficients to account for stamina increases across the board. Absorption effects and Atonement were buffed separately.
  • Power Word: Shield - No longer has a cooldown. This will not make it spammable as our only source of healing due to mana constraints and a weak shield.
  • Mastery: Grace - Our mastery has now adopted the name of a removed talent. This also increases Atonement healing from damaging spells similarly to Mastery: Absolution
  • Rapture - Now increases the amount shielded by PW:S by 200% and is also on the GCD.
  • Pain Suppression - Changed to a 3min cooldown (down from 4min).
  • Shadowfiend - Now lasts 15s (up from 12s).
  • Mass Dispel - Changed to a 45s cooldown (up from 15s).
  • Power Word: Radiance - 20s recharge (up from 18s)
New Talents Added
Talents Removed
Talents Modified
Mana cost Adjustments


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Talent Trees


Legion Talents Discipline

Battle For Azeroth

BFA Talents Discipline

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Spell Power Changes


Spell NameSP LegionSP BFASP After 40% Modifier
Penance, per bolt300%71%99.4%
Shadow Mend750%180%252%
Power Word: Radiance250%62.5%87.5%
Holy NovaN/A10%14%
Contrition, per boltN/A12%16.8%
Shadow Covenant500%135%189%
Divine Star90%50%70%


Spell NameSP LegionSP BFA
Penance, per bolt190%40%
Shadow Word: Pain Initial31%20.2%
Shadow Word: Pain Tick31%15.1%
Purge the Wicked Initial100%30%
Purge the Wicked Tick100%16.5%
Shadowfiend, per hit187.5%50.85%
Mindbender, per hit150%37%
Holy NovaN/A24%
Divine Star145%40%
Power Word: Solace350%100%


Absorbs were buffed separately meaning no 40% modifier was applied.

Spell NameSP LegionSP BFA
Power Word: Shield550%154%
Smite Absorb225%65%
Luminous BarrierN/A280%

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If you choose to activate war mode you gain access to various PVP talents and increased XP. Also puts you permanently into PVP mode in all BFA zones. Here are the available options:
Level 1

Other Levels

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Notable Artifact Traits Lost

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Levelling in BFA

Discipline is probably the easiest/fastest healer to progress through the levelling process. We won't want fall too far behind shadow due to the tankiness in the later levels and the ability to mass pull packs (still slower than shadow).


Below is my preferred setup. Castigation/Mindbender/Halo/Divine Star and various PVP talents are very good. 


As far as gearing goes while levelling its pretty much always go for Ilvl. If you are stuck for choice I would aim for haste/crit gear to push as much dps as possible (purely for fast levelling only)
AoE Trinkets such as Terminus Signalling Beacon are great to have as they empower the disc mass pull levelling style. (this trinket is also scaling very well with all the stat changes, if there are any other great contenders please let me know and I can add them)


Anything that gives a dps boost is what you want for levelling. I have ranked the below to what I perceive to be the overall better options. This may alter for various situations.

  1. Kil'jaeden's Burning Wish - The damage on this trinket is insane for both AoE and ST
  2. Sephuz's Secret - Great to have secondaries
  3. Muzes Unwavering Will - You will be casting a lot of smite at full HP
  4. Archimonde's Hatred Reborn - Nice shield and high damage for massive pulls
  5. Insignia of the Grand Army - Now a flat damage increase
  6. Cord of Maiev, Priestess of the Moon - Penance resets are always good, a better option without warmode enabled.