Welcome to WarcraftPriests Discipline Priest Guide. This guide is updated to patch 9.2 World of Warcraft Shadowlands.

This section of the Discipline Mythic Plus Guide goes over a more specific spell application for Mythic Plus. Knowing what spell is most effective in certain scenarios can be very helpful to keep your allies alive.

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As this guide will focus heavily on the Mythic Plus playstyle please head to the main guide for more general gameplay notes.

Gameplay refers to our rotations, abilities and cooldowns. To heal effectively as Discipline you need to excel in your ability to efficiently switch between healing/applying Atonement and dealing damage.

There is a very fine line between the following three scenarios:

  • When Atonement healing is enough.
  • When more direct healing is needed.
  • When you can freely add to DPS.

Getting used to when and where you can apply these scenarios can vary extremely from dungeon to dungeon, even from key level to key level. It's important to be able to switch around quickly for every situation that is presented to you.

Spell Usage

This is our general opener used when going into any enemy pack. If it needs to be tackled differently will depend on the pack you are facing.

  • Have Atonement running on the tank pre pull and keep it maintained constantly.
  • Apply Purge the Wicked to as many enemies as possible.
    • Prioritise healing allies where necessary
    • Make sure to get the benefit of the free DoT spread provided by casting Penance on a target with a DoT already present.

The goal with this setup is to have multiple DoTs rolling which will give you consistent passive damage and healing through Atonement throughout each pull.

Shadow Mend will typically be our most used spell to apply Atonement throughout a dungeon. This is due to the upfront heal being stronger and the Atonement applied being back-ended (applied at the end of the cast).

  • Will also be our main source of single target healing on those needing healing that Atonement cannot provide.

Power Word: Shield is only used to apply Atonement pre-combat, your target is at full health or movement is required. The shield applied is not overly potent without Rapture running.

Power Word: Radiance is our most efficient tool as it quickly applies Atonement to the entire party. With two charges available on a 20s recharge we can cover most Atonement AoE healing needs

  • Always keep in mind of the whereabouts of your party members. If you are in need of AoE healing you don't want to miss an Atonement. With a 30yd spread radius around the target cast upon, make sure they aren't too far away.
    • Often advised to use yourself as a consistent spreader by standing in the middle within range of your entire group.
  • Most uses will be reactively in order to get maximum efficiency from the Atonement Applied.
    • That being said, if you are aware of incoming damage you can pre-emptively prep Atonements so that you are healing as the damage hits.

There is no fixed damage rotation for every single scenario. It comes down to how much healing you need, the mana you have to spend and how long your Atonements are going to last.

It is recommended to:

  • Weave in casts of Purge the Wicked to maintain/refresh DoTs rolling at any free opportunity.
  • Keep Power Word: Solace on cooldown as much as possible whilst also having it available when healing is required.
  • Use Mind Sear in any available free casting time for reliable AoE damage
  • For single target damage, weave in Schism/ Mind Blast / Penance / Smite where mana permits, whilst not leaving you without options when healing is needed.

The below damage rotation recommendation assumes that our typical opener and Atonement have already been in use.

Heavy AoE Healing

Keep in mind this rotation is very heavy on mana expenditure so make sure that the healing output is required.

  1. Shadow Covenant (if talented)
  2. Schism
  3. Shadow Word: Death (Kiss of Death legendary required)
  4. Mind Blast
  5. Power Word: Solace
  6. Penance

It's a very common mistake to hold CDs "just in case" you need them later. While there will be some specific packs or bosses you will want to have your CDs ready for, if you hold onto them too long its a huge overall loss. It's recommended having a rough mapping out for every dungeon which allows you to maintain frequent use of all our CDs.

Something else to keep in mind is your parties defensives. You want to be aware of what they have and when they use them. This will allow you to not overlap your own cooldowns or simply make you aware they will need less attention during that time.

  • Shadowfiend - Potent passive healing through Atonement and considerable damage. It is a good idea to be aware of any areas where increased AoE healing output will be needed.
    • Can be added into your damage rotation directly after Atonement application for strong AoE healing.
  • Pain Suppression - Be aware of what enemies have the possibility to take large chunks of our allies health away. Good pre-emptive use of this DR can do wonders to stop us from falling behind on healing.
    • It is recommended to somehow track what abilities are being cast on your allies through target of target frames or specific Weak auras.
  • Rapture - Rapture has a very short CD so be ready to use it often. The effctive health it provides on your allies is extremely potent when used.
    • Ideally used pre-emptively for large incoming AoE damage.
    • Can be used reactively to help recover tough moments.
    • Can even be used as a tank stabiliser alternating between a Shield and a Shadowmend; Even can be spammed on a single target through moments of harsh movement.
  • Power Word: Barrier - Very strong stacked damage reduction and should be used preemptively for group damage.
    • Don't be hesitant to use it on a single target if it will save their life (unless a large AoE mechanic that it will be required for is coming soon).
  • Power Infusion - Provides a significant amount of haste which can be used to empower our output in tough moments.
    • Usable on allies, the significance of using on others will come down to the situation.
    • It is always worth keeping a track of your damage dealers cooldowns and combine them with our haste injection.

Clever applications of our utility spells can be extremely useful and/or create situations that make timing your keys more efficiently.

  • Purify - Standard healer dispel which covers Magic and Disease.
    • Be mindful of every mob which applies something you are able to dispel and be ready to quickfire a dispel.
  • Dispel Magic - Can dispel various buffs on enemies cast on themselves, including mind-controlled allies on occasion.
    • Be mindful of each mob in the dungeon that has a buff you are able to dispel. Getting rid of them fast can severely reduce your team's damage intake.
  • Mass Dispel - Has a long CD and expensive mana cost but is great for either/both dispelling buffs/debuffs on friends/foes.
    • Placed in for situations where multiple buffs/debuffs are present. (for example, can remove bursting)
  • Fade - Standard threat drop if you take aggro or accidentally pull enemies.
    • Quite often an enemy pack might be pulled accidentally. any healing you do will create instant threat and put you in a dangerous spot if you start taking hits. Fade will help drop your aggro to keep you safe.
    • Also reduces detect a range of enemies which could be used to safe path yourself around.
  • Mind Soothe - Detect range reduction on humanoids and dragonkin.
    • When combined with Fade can allow greater skipping of enemies.
  • Shining Force - A knock-back and slow that is castable on any ally. It has varying methods of use:
    • Push enemies out of sanguine pools.
    • Cancelling devastating casts as a last resort.
    • Helping the tank kite.
  • Mind Control - This spell has varying use and can be quite fun to play around with.
    • Some mind controlled targets have very potent abilities for us to utilise.
    • Our character is very vulnerable during the cast as you won't be actively checking for any damage mechanics nearby.
    • After the control breaks the target will have a high threat towards you for 8s. A tank taunt will redirect the mob until it wears off.
  • Leap of Faith - Whilst this spell is very often seen as a means to troll fellow players as it can be very disorientating. If you can find areas to use it helpfully, you will be thanked generously.
    • For example, leaping a tank away who has too many necrotic stacks.
  • Psychic Scream - Has niche usefulness to prevent spell casts going through or relieve the pressure of multiple enemies attacking you.
    • Can break various root effects or cancel fixate effects.
  • Shackle Undead - Very limited use CC on undead enemies.
    • Can be cast repeatedly to prevent or interrupt casts
    • Could also simply be used to take a dangerous mob out of the current pack via CC'ing in place.