Welcome to WarcraftPriests Discipline Priest Guide. This guide is updated to patch 9.2 World of Warcraft Shadowlands.

This section of the Discipline Mythic Plus guide goes over all the dungeons and the specific enemies within each one.

Table of Contents


Please keep in mind this is not a dungeon guide but rather a Discipline Priest specific aid for each dungeon. As every dungeon has multiple bosses and various numbers of non boss enemies. Each will be broken down dungeon by dungeon highlighting dangerous abilities to be aware of and areas to use specific cooldowns.

Notable Trash

A lot of the trash within De Other Side hits quite hard. Be extra mindful of the tanks health and survivability as they will be spiked low at times.

  • Skeletal Raptor - Infects their target with Decrepit Bite.
    • As this is a disease we can dispel it with Purify
  • Death Speaker - Casts Erupting Darkness
    • This targets a random ally so be aware of which direction he is facing so you don't go flying.
    • Be ready with Leap of Faith to save others who might get hit.
  • Atal'ai Devoted - These adds must be killed fast. They cast Devoted Sacrifice. If this goes off a very large pool will spawn underfoot dealing party-wide damage and blocking your route forward.
    • This is not an interruptible cast. That being said, it can be cc'ed so things like Shining Force or Psychic scream can momentarily prevent its cast.
  • Atal'ai High Priest - Applies Shadow Word: Pain to a random ally.
    • Simply dispel this with Purify
  • Atal'ai Deathwalker's Spirit - All the Atal'ai adds that die will spawn this ghostly apparition. They cannot be attacked or cc'ed.
    • As a healer, you're likely to get aggro through your healing spells. Be aware of their position and stay clear of them. They have a long melee range and hit extremely hard.
    • They have a buff called Spectral which can be purged with Dispel Magic. This will instantly kill the ghost. (Just make sure your mages don't spell steal it)

Hakkar the Soulflayer

  • Corrupted Blood - Track who has this debuff as they will need additional healing.
    • Spreads to nearby targets so make sure to be not standing near them.
  • Blood Barrier - Large spike of AoE damage to the party. Be prepared to heal through this damage.
  • Piercing Barb - Big hit onto the tank. Be aware of their own personals/ health. Be ready with Pain Suppression if they are struggling.

Notable Trash

  • Enraged Spirit - These adds patrol around the circle. The timing of when you face these can vary depending on the speed of your prior pulls.
    • There is a lot of movement needed to avoid the mirror images but always maintain line of sight.
    • Casts Rage. Prepare beforehand with Rapture to smoothen out the AoE damage from this ability.
  • Defunct Dental Drill - Casts Haywire. This damage is unhealable. The party must line of sight to avoid the damage.
  • Lubricator - Casts Lubricate if the cast is not interrupted.
    • Relatively minor AoE damage, heal through normal Atonement means.
  • Sentient Oil. Casts Essential Oil on random party members.
    • If these are targeting you, its a good idea to use line of sight to avoid the damage where possible.

The Manastorms

The majority of this fight takes very specific movement and mechanics. If these are failed the fight becomes exceedingly difficult to heal.

  • Power Overwhelming - If these crystals are not soaked by a party member the group will take heavy damage.
    • Those who do soak take increasing damage the longer they do so. Make sure to keep them healthy.
  • Echo - Position yourself in such a way that you have the boss in-between you and the rest of the party. This allows you to easily bait the eruption under the boss and sidestep it with minimal movement.
  • Shadowfury - Track who this is on, in order to heal them up after it times out.
  • Buzzsaw - Applies a stacking bleed to the tank. Hits very hard at higher stacks. Keep the tank healthy at all times.
  • Experimental - If you have the freedom to do so, click these to dis-arm them. It should be a higher priority for others to do this.

Notable Trash

The trash packs on the way to Dealer Xy'exa are not that dangerous and should not require too much healing.

Dealer Xy'exa

  • Local - Be aware of which ally receives this debuff. If they do not step into a displacement trap at the correct time the party will take damage and receive a DoT effect.
  • Arcane - Track who has this debuff as it is a hard-hitting DoT to heal throughout the encounter.
    • Deals more damage to those with higher stacks of Arcane.


  • This fight can be quite tricky to manage. At its core, you need to fully understand the Master of Death mechanic. This sets the pace and movement throughout the encounter. While not necessarily specific to healing it will help you with knowing when to dispel. It consists of a combo which happens in a random order each time. Getting hit is typically a guaranteed death.
    • Melee slam - You should never be close to the boss. This way you don't need to worry about this part. Both hands will raise and turn green.
    • Left and Right Slam - While these form two different parts of the combo, avoiding them follow the same methodology. Whichever hand is forward will be the safe side to run to.
  • Cosmic - These debuffs get applied to your entire party. Dealing ticking damage and leaving an explosion pool on the floor.
    • This is dispellable via Mass Dispel and Purify
    • There will be two sets of debuffs to one Master of Death combo and they can overlap. It is vital to dispel or drop these debuffs in a position that will not hinder your movement across the room when avoiding the combo.
  • The intermission phase Shatter can be handled in a couple of ways. Your main goal is to help contribute as much damage as you can to make sure the add on your platform dies in time.
    • Be aware of when this transition is incoming in order to get your party topped beforehand; you will split from the group and be out of range.

Notable Trash

The trash leading up to Halkias can very extremely deadly.

  • Vicious Gargon - Buff themselves with Loyal Beasts.
    • Causes all nearby Vicious Gargons to deal 125% more damage. Your tank should kite during this buff in order to avoid the damage. If they don't they will take extreme damage.
    • Use Shining Force, Leap of Faith or Psychic scream to help with kiting where necessary.
  • Shard of Halkias - Cast Thrash
    • Dangerous AoE that you need to be ready for with rotating your CD's in where necessary.
    • All range should stand at max range during the cast to avoid the damage completely.
  • Depraved Collector - Apply Siphon Life to a random ally.

Halkias, the Sin-Stained Goliath

This boss is very simple to heal and is not very dangerous.

  • Anyone who leaves the red circle will receive the debuff Sinlight Visions leaving them continuously feared.
    • This should not happen often. However, when it, does the tank can move the boss to them. If that doesn't happen you can simply use Leap of Faith.
  • Glass Shards will be cast on random party members and leave a DoT floor effect to avoid.
    • Keep everyone topped in case they step in these shards.

Notable Trash

  • Stoneborn Reaver - Applies Stony Veins to their current target.
    • Not too deadly, but dispel with Purify.


This boss will alternate between summoning adds, stunning the party briefly and casting his leap which will remove any adds underneath it from the encounter.

  • Undying Stonefiend - When each one of these adds dies, they will unleash party-wide damage. They also cast Villainous Bolt.
    • Both these damage sources require consistent healing and keeping the party topped ready for the boss's leap is a priority.
  • Stone - The boss will select a random party member to leap on. It hits extremely hard and leaves behind a DoT called Shattered.
    • This target will require to be topped beforehand and need a lot of healing thereafter until the DoT expires.

Notable Trash

  • Stoneborn Slasher - These adds absolutely truck the tank with their melee hits. The tank must rotate through their CD's and kite where necessary.
    • Lots of Shadowmends will be necessary and use Pain Suppression if they are struggling.

High Adjudicator Aleez

Another simple fight to heal which is not too harsh. Damage can be reduced with interrupts of the boss's Bolt of Power and Volley of Power casts. The main damage comes from an AoE pulse whilst adds are active.

  • Pulse from Beyond - Until the add is taken to one of the four sides of the room it will constantly deal damage to your party.
    • Rotate through your CD's where necessary and be aware if someone is taking too long to remove this add as you will need to heal more.

Notable Trash

The Tormented Soul room is also not too troublesome. Just be aware when the Souls die they transform into Manifestations which have different aggro tables. This may cause you to get aggro of the new adds.

Lord Chamberlain

  • Stigma of Pride - Ever growing damage DoT applied to the tank.
    • Track this DoT and be aware as time goes on it will start hitting very hard.
  • Ritual of Woe - The party needs to soak the red beams coming from the statues in order to prevent the party from taking increase damage.
    • This occurs at set health thresholds so you can be prepared for when this will occur. (70% & 40%)
    • The tank can take two beams to make things easier if they are capable.
    • As you only need to deal with this two times, you can rotate your CD's for each one.

Notable Trash

  • Fen Hatchling - Applies Clinging Infestation to their target.
    • Track this DoT applied to your allies. It has a permanent duration and is only removed if they jump.
  • Plagueroc - Applies Blightbeak to the tank which reduces their maximum HP by 10%.
  • Gushing Slime - Have a permanent buff on them called Gushing Slime
    • This cannot be removed so just be aware that the more you pull the more damage dealt to anyone in melee.


This boss is pretty easy and just requires good control of the slimes to avoid healing the boss and avoidance of his frontal cone.

  • Plaguestomp - frequently knocks the entire party back and applies a DoT Plague.
    • As this fight requires more movement than most and has a knockback occasionally. make sure to position yourself within range of the party so you don't miss any Atonements via Radiance.
    • The DoT is a disease so you can dispel at least two overtime with Purify.
  • Slime Wave - Targets a random player and projects a frontal cone towards them dealing damage and applied a root and DoT.
    • Be prepared to give strong heals to anyone hit.
    • It can be good practise to be aware of your allies position to pull them to safety with Leap of Faith.
  • Slime adds - None of the adds should reach the boss, especially the largest one.

Notable Trash

The trash leading up to Doctor Ickus can be healing intensive, especially on the tank. There are also plenty of debuffs to dispel, in particular, disease:

  • Withering Filth (magic) - Lowers the target's haste by 45%.
    • Usually on the tank so very important to dispel
  • Corroded Claws (disease) - Lowers the target's stats by 5%.
  • Corrosive Gunk (disease) - Hard-hitting DoT.
  • Gripping Infection (magic) - Roots the target for 8 seconds
  • Pestilence Slime - Casts Viral Globs which is a floor DoT effect to avoid. Keep in mind that standing in this pool does also increase haste by 25%.
    • Those looking to benefit from this haste will require additional healing.

Doctor Ickus

This boss has a lot of moving parts and four different platforms which he jumps to. He will jump to all platforms so make sure to clear trash beforehand without pulling him. The jumps to different platforms occur at 66% and 33% health. A lot of this fight comes down to killing off the adds as quickly as possible.

Notable Trash

The trash in this area is relatively easy compared to the rest of the dungeon with only a couple of things to be aware of.

  • Brood Ambusher - These will summon many stealthlings that, will, of course, be stealthed.
    • You can break these out of stealth with either Mind Sear or Holy Nova if necessary.
    • Once revealed they will cast Ambush.
      • Since there are so many adds, if these casts go off they can deal extreme amounts of damage, even one-shotting someone.
      • If these casts are about to go off you can briefly interrupt them with Shining Force or Psychic scream (careful with shining force as you don't want to accidentally pull other packs).

Domina Venomblade

Similar to the trash beforehand this boss has adds with a stealth mechanic.

  • Shadow Ambush - Marks a random player, after a short while will deal damage to anyone nearby.
    • Be ready to heal if they are stacked with the group (which they should move out as its about to go off).
  • Assassinate - Four stealthed Brood Assassins will be summoned within a Shroudweb.
    • The longer these adds are alive the more damage your group will receive.
    • They only cast whilst stealthed so revealing all of them is a priority.

Notable Trash

  • Plaguebound Devoted - These adds are slow-moving and heavy-hitting.
    • If the tank is trying to face tank these, be prepared for some tough healing on them.

Margrave Stradama

This boss can be a little tricky to heal due to the sheer damage that Infectious Rain does. Outside of those casts, this boss has very little damage as long as you avoid the tentacles.

  • DO NOT go into the middle slime pool. This applies a deadly debuff that will very quickly kill you.
  • Plague Crash - These tentacle crashes can come in various patterns but there is always a safe spot to stand on. They occur at 66% and 33%.
    • If you can see someone in a wrong spot, make sure to Leap of Faith on them or they will be one shot.
  • Infectious Rain - Inflicts party-wide damage and a stacking DoT effect.
    • You want to plan ahead as you will be healing multiple of these casts. Towards the end of the fight, it will be cast more and more.
    • For the first, prepare with Rapture shields on your party. For the second, utilise power word: barrier then again for the third use Rapture.
    • Be mindful that the transitions going into the tentacle gauntlet the boss will not be targetable. So if there are still DoTs remaining you will need to use Shadowmend a lot.
    • The DoT is a disease so we can dispel at least one with Purify.

Notable Trash

  • Patchwerk Soldier - Upon death applies Disgusting Guts to anyone nearby.
    • Just be ready for AoE healing is multiple of these adds are going to die at once.
    • This is a disease effect so you can dispel a party member with Purify if they are in danger.
  • Zolramus Gatekeeper - Applies Clinging Darkness to a random party member.
    • It is important to be aware that this DoT ticks harder the longer it is on one target.
    • Priority dispel with Purify after a couple of ticks.
    • It will jump to a new target after being dispelled (Always a fixed 30seconds per DoT, dispelling doesn't refresh that timer).


Make sure to clear enough space before engaging this boss as you will need it for kiting where necessary.

  • Heaving Retch - The player targeted with this is unable to dodge the frontal as the boss will follow them. The rest of the party should stand clear of them.
    • Track who is targeted and be ready to heal the initial damage and DoT.
    • This is a disease effect so you can dispel the party member with Purify.
  • Carrion Worm - These adds spawn following a Heaving Retch. It is extremely important that players fixated by these adds kite and don't get hit.
  • Carrion Eruption - Ideally, this will never go off as everyone should successfully kite the adds.
    • If this does go off, be ready to heal some intense DoT damage. Rotate through the usual cooldowns where necessary.

Notable Trash

Most of the trash on the route towards Amarth will be skipped. Most namely a mini-boss named Nar'zudah. By hugging the left wall closely and casting Mind Soothe on him, he can be skipped.

  • Nar'zudah - If you do happen to pull him be aware that the casters surrounding him will hit your tank extremely hard.

Amarth, The Reanimator

This boss is heavy on AoE healing. It will cycle between summoning adds, harvesting their bodies and dealing subsequent passive damage through higher stacks from the harvest.

  • Final Harvest - It is important to have all adds killed before this cast goes off or the party will take extreme damage.
    • If all adds are dead it can be avoided by staying 8 yards away.
    • If you have an add left alive as this being is cast you can quickly cast Shackle Undead to prevent that add registering for the Party damage.
  • Tortured Echos - Passive damage dealt to the entire party which is increasing after each cast of Final Harvest.

Notable Trash

The trash towards the next boss has to be killed and cannot be skipped. It also comprises a gauntlet type event when enemies will continuously keep you in combat. With that in mind, be efficient with your mana.

  • Kyrian Stitchwerk - Applies Tenderize to the tank
    • Track the stacks the tank has, as they will take increased damage.
  • Corpse Collector - Will cast Goresplatter on the entire party which deals instant damage and applies a DoT effect.
    • While this is interruptible, expect casts to go off and be ready to heal the party.
    • This is a disease effect so you can dispel a party member with Purify if they are in danger.

Surgeon Stitchflesh

This boss requires you to utilise a hook mechanic from the Creation in order to pull him into the room.

  • Mutilate - Hits the tank extremely hard.
  • Festering Rot - Persitant AoE throughout the encounter from the Creation.

Nalthor the Rimebinder

Simplistic encounter with only a couple of mechanics. There is a gauntlet for the damage dealers to manage. They will be taken out of our range so it's entirely up to them.

  • Frozen Binds - Rooting a random party member and dealing damage over time. Upon expiration or dispel spreads to anyone within 16 yards.
    • Once nobody is within the large blue circle, priority dispel with Purify.
  • Comet Storm - Movement mechanic, all damage avoidable.
    • don't try to get away with casting long spells, keep moving and using instant casts.

The route taken in this dungeon can vary depending on which wing and bosses you go for first.

Notable Trash

The trash in the opening area is fairly simple and not too dangerous. The biggest damage will be dealt to your tank.

An Affront of Challengers

This boss does not have too much to be aware of and is fairly easy to heal. Each challenger will gain an additional ability when they reach 40% health.

  • Dessia the Decapitator will fixate a random party member and chases them down.
    • If it's on you, you will need to maintain as much healing as you can whilst kiting the boss around to avoid being hit.
    • If it's on an ally you can help them with Leap of Faith where necessary.

Notable Gorechop Trash

  • Blighted Sludge-Spewer - Casts Withering Discharge which should be interrupted.
    • If these casts go off, a lot of healing will be required.
  • Rancid Gasbag - Casts Vile Eruption.
    • Players simply need to stand at his side to avoid the front and back cone. If hit they will need strong healing.
    • Be very mindful, that even after death this mob will continue to deal damage to your group via Disease Cloud.
      • Make sure to top off anyone so they don't die to this residual damage.


This boss is not too complicated but will hit your tank extremely hard.

Notable Xav Trash

The mini-bosses leading up to this boss can be different each time you do this dungeon and have different abilities. They are fairly easy and provide a lot of dungeon % count.

Xav the Unfallen

This boss, like Gorechop, will also hit your tank very hard.

  • Brutal Combo - This hits the tank incredibly hard to make sure they are always topped up beforehand with consistent use of Shadow Mend.
  • Oppressive Banner - Make sure to help deal as much damage as you can to this banner as the movement speed reduction can be very fatal during the bosses combo.
  • Avoid the various abilities within the combo, the one to be one aware of is Deafening Crash
    • Make sure you are not casting as this goes off as you do not want your casts to be interrupted.

Notable Kul'tharok Trash

  • Shackled Soul room - There are a lot of these souls and they all cast a high damage slow onto random party members via bind Soul
    • This combined with the passive environment green swirlies can very quickly cause deaths.
    • If your tank is pulling many of these, be ready with various CD's to keep everyone alive. A lot of movement will be required.
  • Portal Guardian - Casts Soulstorm
    • Strong party-wide damage so be ready to keep everyone topped up.
  • Maniacal Soulbinder - Applies a DoT to a random party member called Soul
  • Nefarious Darkspeaker - Face a random direction and cast Death Winds which will knock anyone hit very very far.
    • Move away from these instantly as you don't have much time, Leap of Faith an ally if they are about to be hit.


  • Phantasmal Parasite - Painful Dot that needs to be dispelled as soon as possible. Two are applied at a time.
    • Mass Dispel both as many times as you can. Whilst on CD dispel one with Purify and heal the other DoT until it falls off.
  • Soulless - Two of your damage dealers will receive this debuff. Until they catch their own soul they will take damage over time.
    • Be aware of who has this debuff as they will need additional healing.

Mordretha, the Endless Empress

This fight requires a fair bit of movement and a good spatial awareness as a lot of the damage is avoidable. The damage starts ramping up towards the end of the fight.

  • Reaping Scythe - Hits the tank very hard, keep them healthy for each hit.

Notable Trash

  • Forsworn Castigator - Casts and interruptible Burden on a random party member which deals damage and leaves a DoT
    • Quickly dispel with Purify and heal up the initial damage.
  • Forsworn Goliath - Casts an interruptible Rebellious Fist
    • If this cast goes off you will need to respond very quickly as this deals considerable AoE damage.
  • Forsworn Mender - Casts an interruptible Forsworn Doctrine on one of their own allies.
    • As it heals them, you want to purge it quickly. Dispel Magic will work.


This boss is pretty simple. Avoid the barrage and don't stand in the thrown spears or the beam between the two bosses.

  • Charged Spear - Targeted on random allies.
    • Be ready to keep them topped as the damage can be very spikey.

Notable Trash

On the way to Ventunax, be very careful where you go. There are stealthed adds in certain locations. As well as similar trash to the start of the dungeon.

  • Forsworn Squad-Leader - This enemy provides surrounding enemies with Inspiring Presence.
    • The Squad leader will need to be nuked. the damage reduction to surrounding enemies will mean the pack takes longer to kill.
    • Be prepared with cooldowns to keep everyone alive as these packs can be very deadly.


There are very few damage sources in this fight as it is very simple.

  • Dark Stride - The boss will teleport to a random player and apply a bleed to them.
    • Anyone with this Dot will take significant damage. Try to preserve CD's for yourself for when you get the debuff. Your allies should use their own defensive.
    • It will require consistent casts of Shadowmend to keep them healthy.
  • Dark Bolt - A similar barrage to the first boss but becomes a bullet hell once there are multiple spawn locations.
    • Anyone hit will take severe damage. This can be tricky to deal with if you are already trying to keep the ally alive with the Dark Stride debuff.
    • Repeated hits taken from this will quickly kill anyone.

Notable Trash

  • Forsworn Justicar - Casts Forced Confession on a random party member.
    • Dispel with Purify but be mindful that orbs will spawn and shoot outwards from their location.
  • Forsworn Helion - Casts Menacing Presence dealing AoE damage to your party every 3 seconds.
    • Maintain everyone's health with Atonement as usual.


  • Purifying Blast - Targets a random player and deals instant damage and leaves a DoT.
    • Track who has the debuff in order to keep them healthy throughout the DoT's duraton.
  • Drained - Once the boss casts this he will take additional damage and draw in Anima Orbs towards him. The tank should take care of these orbs.
    • Try to push out as much damage as you can whilst maintaining the tank's health through each Anima Orb hit.

Notable Trash

There is only three mobs left before the last boss. each one has a specific ability which passes onto the others when it dies. Make sure to only pull one at a time as these do considerable damage.

  • Lakesis - Has Oppression
  • Klotos - Has Aura
  • Astronos - Has Wicked
    • Dealing with these will be pretty rough on the healing front so don't be afraid to use cooldowns when necessary.

Devos, Paragon of Doubt

This boss has a phase where he is not targetable and an ever-growing Dot on the party. Can be quite tricky to deal with for us at times if your party does not collect the orbs quickly.

  • Lost Confidence - Two allies will be affected with this DoT periodically.
    • Mass Dispel both as many times as you can. Whilst on CD dispel one with Purify and heal the other DoT until it falls off.
  • Untargetable Phase - This will occur twice throughout the encounter at 70% and 30% at boss health.

Notable Trash

  • Drust Spiteclaw - These enemies have the buff Dying Breath.
  • Drust Soulcleaver - Applies Soul Split to their target.
    • Priority Purify your tank of this debuff.
  • Drust Boughbreaker - These cast Furious Thrashing at 50% health.
    • One of these alone is not too much of a worry but always be aware of when they are about to hit that health threshold.
    • Directly before the first boss, there are two of these. If they are being damaged evenly prepare early with Rapture and rotate in as many cooldowns as you can to survive this heavy AoE damage.

Ingra Maloch

This boss is very simplistic with its damage all being avoidable. Just make sure to be aware of when Oulfarran casts Droman's Wrath on Ingra. During this period the entire party wants to nuke Ingra as 200% increased damage is taken.

Notable Trash

This section is the "maze". The route which you take each time can vary and so will the mobs you tackle. The majority of the trash within the maze is not too scary so as the healer, we should take on the role of solving the puzzle to go to the next room. This puzzle consists of 4 nodes and we need to find a symbol which is different from the rest.


This boss is not too heavy to heal but is dependant on correct symbol location during guessing game and avoiding the dodge ball mechanic.

  • Be prepared to top up anyone who gets hit by Dodge Ball as its a hard spike of damage.
  • Freeze Tag summons a Vulpin that chases a random ally. Be ready to Shining Force, Leap of Faith or Psychic scream yourself or allies who are struggling to evade being frozen.
  • Be ready for Guessing Game as this will be the largest damage intake to the entire group. This occurs at set health percentages.
    • Important: Mistcaller takes 100% reduced damage. Make sure you switch target to be able to Atonement heal.
    • Usually, a good plan to position yourself in the centre in order to get full coverage of PW:R when casting it on yourself.

Notable Trash

  • Spinemaw Acidgullet - Applies Volatile Acid to a random group member.
    • Be aware of who received this debuff as they will need extra healing attention.


Quite a hectic fight with a lot of required movement.

  • Position yourself in the centre in order to get full coverage of PW:R when casting it on yourself. This is due to players ending up in spread positions in order to break Mind Link
  • Acid Expulsion is avoidable but if anyone does get hit be ready to heal them up fast as you can because it hits hard.
  • Be prepared for Anima Rejection as it hits all your group and can cause issues if overlapping with other damage taken.

Work in Progress

Notable Trash

  • Noble Skirmisher - Casts Animate which summons a "pet" weapon.
    • While there is not much we can specifically do against these as a healer. Be mindful that after multiple casts your tank will take a lot more damage as more weapons will be active at once.
    • The is not interruptible but you can CC during the cast and they won't cast it again for a short time. Shining Force and Psychic scream will both work.
  • Regal Mistdancer - Places Mists on the ground which will increase the damage dealt by its allies when stood within.
    • Again not something we can do too much about but be aware of.
    • If a tank thinks they can ignore it and are taking a beating, it may be worth using Shining Force to help alleviate some damage.
  • Gluttonous Tick - On death they cast Burst.
    • Can deal a lot of damage at once if you pull multiple.
    • Be aware of how many are pulled and a rough amount of time you have until they die. Very likely worth preparing for with Rapture.
  • Insatiable Brute - Casts Umbral.
    • Whislt this ability is reasonably easy to deal with, in conjuction with the Gluttonous Tick deaths it can be a lot of damage on the entire party. If caught off guard the tank is a priority to keep alive whilst keeping the lowest members topped up with Shadowmend.

Kryxis the Voracious

This boss has some simple mechanics but requires some heavy AoE healing. The tank and damage dealers in your party should be making sure all Hungering Drain casts get interupted

  • Vicious headbut - Simple mechanic you tank needs to deal with.
    • If they are low as its about to be hit make sure they are topped off fast. If there is no time use Pain.
  • Juggernaught Rush - Damage spread to all stood in the line.
    • This ability is not too devastating. Our Standard AoE healing via Atonement will keep everyone healthy.
  • Severing Smash - Knocks back all players dealing damage and leaving behind an Orb.
    • This damage is also not severe. That being said the follow up damage from absorbing the orbs is very deadly, escpeically if they are all soaked at once.
    • Orbs - You want to prepare for the orbs being soaked with Rapture and PW:B.
      • Do not use them at the same time. You want to use them on successive Smashes. Start with Rapture on the first, Barrier on the second and Rapture again on the third.

Notable Trash

  • Chamber Sentinel - Does a frontal cone applying Sever to anyone hit.
    • It is a good idea to have this DoT tracked to be aware of anyone who may be hit and need extra healing.
    • These also cast Stones which reduced their damage taken by 65%. Whilst this can be interupted, if a cast goes off purge it with Dispel Magic.
  • Grand Oversear - This enemy is very deadly and must be the prioroty target to take down as quickly as possible.
    • Applies a debuff to everyone in combat called Over. This reduces your healing by 2% per stack so over time it gets harder to deal with.
    • Casts Dread on all nearby enemies. This deals a tremendous amount of damage and your party must run to range to break the binding.
      • Ranged just sit away from melee and they wont get the ability applied to them.
      • Anyone who is not running out may need a swift heal or Leap to break the chain.
  • Depths Warden - Casts Barbed on a random target rooting them in place and dealing damage.
    • Make sure you can see who has been targeted as they will need additional healing.
  • Wicked Oppressor - Casts Wrack Soul on their target dealing damage and leaving a DoT
    • While this is interuptible, expect some casts to go through and quickly dispel with Purify
    • These also cast Curse. Which unfortunately a curse dispel is the only way to remove it.

Executor Tarvold

This boss can be very tough if not handled well. The Environment Anima orb that moves around the ring of the encounter needs to be dodged consistently.

This can be done by pulling the boss to the side you entered from, staying on the inside and wait for the first orb to come through. Then quickly move to the outside and move back once that orb passes. Repeat this throughout the entire fight.

The add that spawns must be killed as quickly as possible and whoever gets Castigate must spread from others.

  • Sintouched Anima - Anyone who stands in the Anima orbs that go round the ring will recieve this debuff.
    • Ideally, no one should get hit but have it tracked so you know who needs additional healing.
    • It is dispellable, but only by someone with a curse dispel.
  • Castigate - This ability deals deadly damage, especially if players are on top of one another.
    • Make sure you know who is targeted as they will need some spot healing.
  • Growing Pride - Whilst the add is alive it deals damage to the entire party every second.
    • Maintain Atonement healing as much as possible.
    • Prepare for overlaps that occur whilst this add is alive and the Castigate being cast. Rotate through cooldowns as needed.

Notable Trash

Minimal trash between these bosses. This trash is also pretty non-lethal. Just maintain dispels of Wrack Soul using Purify. Just dont accidentally pull the boss at the same time.

Grand Proctor Beryllia

This boss requires good movement and a fair amount of AoE healing.

  • Rite of Supremacy - Deals lethal damage to all players. There are multiple things to be aware of with this ability.
    • You want to prepare for the damage with Rapture and PW:B in a staggered fashion for each cast.
    • Fragment - 15 of these will spawn just before this ability is about to be cast. The standard recommendation is to collect 3 per party member.
      • Track these stacks on your allies so you are aware of anyone who is low on stacks. This can allow you to put a preemptive PW:S to help soften the blow.
    • Following the initial burst damage Agonise will be applied to the entire party which will need healing.
  • Endless - Shortly after the Rite of Supremacy the boss will cast this summoning yellow swirlies underneath players. Simply needs to be dodged.
    • Deals a large amount of damage to any hit and applies a DoT called Anguished
    • Dispel this DoT with Purify.

Notable Trash

The trash in this section of the dungeon can be very deadly. Before the gauntlet are enemies we've previously seen with similar abilities. The tank will be able to use their newly acquired action button Shining to help alleviate some damage here. Due to the small size of this corridor it may be worth pulling them back out of the room to have more room to work with.

The gauntlet section leading up to the last boss can be tricky to deal with. There is a considerable amount of damage going out and you will be kept in combat for a long time due to two Gargons spawning periodically. Be causious of your mana expenditure as you will want to make sure you dont run out too early. Getting an early use of a mana potion here can be very useful.

There is a lot of enemies within the gauntlet we've already seen with the addition of General Kaal on certain packs. He will cast Gloom Squall which will need to be dampened with the tanks extra action button. He will also target a random ally and use Gash. Make sure everyone is loosly spread to avoid too many players getting this initial damage and DoT.

General Kaal

Not too many mechanics to be aware of here, quite a simple boss to heal.

  • Gloom Squall - The entire party needs to stack under the tanks extra action ability to survive the deadly hit.
    • Be aware of anyone who wont make it to the safe zone in time as they will need a swift Leap to save them from falling off the platform.
  • Wicked Gash - All players should be spread to avoid multiple being hit by the initial damage and reciving the DoT.
    • Track this DoT to give additional healing to those who need it.
  • Piercing Blur - Covers the entire platform with three "lines". Images of the boss will spawn giving you a visual of where the lines are. They go off shortly after spawning but will have different timings. You will need to move into one that just went off to avoid the one you are stood in. You cannot stand in the middle of two as you will always get hit.