Welcome to WarcraftPriests Discipline Priest Guide. This guide is updated to patch 9.2 World of Warcraft Shadowlands.

This section of the Discipline Mythic Plus guide goes over each individual affix and how to tackle them. There are many different combinations throughout the cycle and learning how to play around each is vital.

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It is very important to learn what each affix does and how to tackle them for each dungeon. They can change your gameplay as a healer quite considerably.

They are separated out into different tiers which are as follows:


Simply gives every non-boss enemy 20% more health and 30% increased damage.

  • A greater understanding of every trash packs and their abilities will be required for each dungeon in order to counter the increased damage intake and longer combat times.
  • Contributing extra AoE damage via Mind Sear and Purge the Wicked DoT spreading goes a long way.
  • Extra attention to both dispel-able debuffs on your party and purges to enemy buffs with Purify, Mass Dispel and Dispel Magic.
  • Be very cautious of any hard-hitting abilities onto your allies and pre-cast Shadow Mend to top them up as the damage hits. Or pre-cast Pain Suppression for more life-threatening hits.

Simply gives every boss 40% more health and increases their minions damage by 15%

  • Providing efficient single target damage through our usual rotation in between any healing requirements goes a long way at speeding up these long boss encounter times.
  • Be very efficient with your mana expenditure as you don't want to run dry.
  • Make sure you understand all the boss mechanics well as you will face more of them per each encounter than usual (due to fight length).

Some non-boss enemies have an Inspiring Presence that strengthens their allies. Enemies that are immune to CC have the buff Inspired.

  • Be aware of which packs have this buff present as any potential interrupts/stuns cannot be made. Depending on the pack the outgoing damage could be exceedingly high.
  • Our preventative tools such as Rapture, Power Word: Barrier and Pain Suppression should be ready for quickfire use where necessary
  • The Inspired mob itself can be CC'd to remove it from the pack.

Non-boss enemies enrage upon reaching 30%, dealing 100% increased damage until defeated.

  • Unfortunately, we have no dispel to remove enrage effects.
  • Depending on what packs are engaged at the time, prepare for additional damage intake accordingly with available CD's as mobs get lower on health.
  • Our priority single-target damage can go a long way to aid in focusing down a specific enemy that is getting low.

When any non-boss enemy dies it empowers their allies in combat within 30 yards, increasing their damage and health by 20%. Multiple enemy deaths will stack this buff endlessly with Bolster. This effect will also apply to any bosses pulled in combat.

  • This is mostly an affix for the DPS to deal with. That being said, we can help focus fire a target within the current pack with the highest health.
  • If a certain enemy gets a lot of bolster stacks, be ready with available CD's. Most likely will be the tank taking a lot of damage.
  • We also can make use of Mind Control on targets with a lot of health if other enemies are about to die. The MC'd enemy will be considered an ally and not receive any bolster stacks.
    • Keep in mind an enemy that has any bolster stacks already cannot be mind-controlled.

Any non-boss enemy that is slain will leave behind a Sanguine Ichor. Any enemies stood within it will be healed for 5% of their health a second. Any allies stood within will take damage for 15% of their health a second.

  • This affix is predominantly down to the tank to kite enemies properly and the DPS to avoid killing enemies next to casters (as the caster will stand in the sanguine and heal up).
  • We can make use of Shining Force to knock enemies out or as a last resort try Psychic Scream in hopes that they run out.
    • Keep in mind Shining Force can be cast on allies as well so if someone is in a better position than you are, use them as your knock-back location. Just be careful not to knock them into other packs and/or sanguine pools.
    • As a side note, not all enemies can be knocked back.
  • We can use Leap of Faith to pull our allies over pools into safety.

Any non-boss enemy that is slain will explode causing all players to suffer damage over 4 seconds. Burst will stack endlessly per enemy that is slain.

  • As a healer, we have either hope that our DPS do not extend stacks or yell at then to hold their damage as stacks creep upwards.
  • As burst is a magic debuff be ready with Mass Dispel or Purify to quickly remove stacks.
  • Having a target available is advisable as enemies are about to die as it will allow us to heal via Atonement.
  • It is likely after various stacks of bursting fall off your party will be missing some health. If its fatal everyone should use food to speed up the healing process. If not so fatal just pull another pack and use Atonement to top everyone off swiftly.
  • Bursting max hp over 4 seconds per stack, it gets fatal at around 8 stacks. That being said Bursting is often extended due to DPS carelessness it may feel a lot more deadly. It shouldn't be an often occurrence to reach this many stacks. If this does happen, make sure your group has a nice supply of healing potions as it makes everything easier
  • Be mindful of how many mobs you are pulling and how much time you have to prepare before they die. If you will be pushing past around 6-7 stacks with extensions, prepare with Rapture shields and place a Barrier early to prevent a lot of the damage.

Fiends rise from the corpses of non-boss enemies and pursue random players. These fiends can be damaged but steadily kill themselves through All-Consuming Spite.

  • These fiends hit very hard and have a large hitbox. Be very careful when one is getting close to you and be ready to move.
  • These additional adds are notorious for keeping you in combat for moments longer after each pull. While mostly harmless it can reduce your chances of grabbing a quick mana drink before moving onto the next pack.
    • This can be slightly alleviated by not healing those targeted by the adds.
  • We can make use of Shining Force or Psychic Scream to keep ourselves or allies out of harms way.
  • We can use Leap of Faith to pull our allies out of melee range.

All enemy melee attack applies a stacking Necrotic Wound. Each stack reduces the potency of healing and absorption shields by 2% per stack. Also deals minor DoT damage per stack. The debuff lasts for 9 seconds and is refreshed on each hit. As combat drops, these stacks will also instantly drop.

  • Again another affix that is mostly down to the tank to manage via kiting as their stacks creep up.
  • That being said we can aid the tank with both Leap of Faith, Shining Force and Psychic Scream for kiting distance.
  • Make sure you are tracking the stacks on your healing frames so that you aren't wasting all your mana trying to heal an ally with a lot of stacks. At 50 stacks they will be immune to healing.
  • Keep your tank healthy as early into the stacks as you can and be ready with Pain Suppression to aid their survival.

While in combat, enemies periodically summon damaging whirlwinds dealing damage and knocking you back.

  • Be ready to heal up your melee DPS during each enemy pack as they are consistently in the firing line of Storming.
  • Always be mindful of your position as the movement range of the swirls can go quite far and last for 10 seconds.
  • Tanks may be kiting more frequently on larger packs in order to move away from multiple swirls.

While in combat, enemies with periodically summon Volcanic Plumes beneath the feet of distant players. Two seconds after spawning the plume will erupt dealing damage and knocking the player high into the air.

  • Usually very easy to sidestep and maintain casting spells as we have rather good mobility.
  • Be careful casting Power Word: Radiance as its as long as the trigger time.
  • If you have the GCD space available be ready with Levitate on yourself or allies to prevent the fall damage from the knock-up (if they are fatally low).
  • Leap of Faith will also help allies who are sent flying.

While in combat, enemies periodically summon Explosive Orbs that will detonate if not destroyed. This detonation will deal 50% of the parties maximum health. These orbs are immune to AoE effects.

  • As always our priority must be healing but when possible aiding killing explosives could save us from additional work. Solace, PTW or SW:D can be very helpful at sniping them down.
  • If an orb is about to detonate it can be worthwhile to quickly put down a Power Word: Barrier to prevent the damage.
  • Once an orb goes off you can also use Rapture and shield the entire party to stabilise and prevent another orb detonation killing the party.
  • Where possible use line of sight to prevent the damage of the orbs hitting you.

Periodically, all players emit a shock wave inflicting damage to nearby enemies and interrupting if casting as it erupts. This shock wave is on random 20-second intervals regardless of combat. It will take 2.5 seconds to trigger once the debuff is gained.

  • A weak aura that will track the application of Quake and show the 20-second intervals is extremely useful to help prepare for incoming shocks.
  • At all costs make sure you aren't casting as being spell locked can be devastating if there is heavy damage incoming.
  • Melee heavy groups are likely to take extra damage so be ready to counter and heal accordingly.

When allies are below 90% health they will begin to gain increasing damage over time until healed above the 90% health mark. Grievous Wound caps at 4 stacks. Stacks can now be removed with various direct healing spells. (Atonement will not remove stacks and one stack will always remain if the target is below 90% health)

  • Make sure you have this tracked on your frames so you are aware of who has stacks you need to heal off.
  •  Be aggressive with both Atonement applications and CD usage. You want to stay ahead of the DoT at all times.
  • Clear those with higher stacks first, so you don't get behind.
  • Do not be hesitant to throw out more Shadow Mends to clear stacks.
  • Always squeeze in as much time as you can drinking to restore mana.
  • While a lot of pressure is put onto the healer, it is also important to have the party help you clearing stacks. Any off healing the party has should be utilised. Health pots, eating after combat. Stricter attention to avoiding damage.
  • Penance can be used to remove 3 stacks of grievous as each bolt removes 1.

Every 20% of enemy count within the dungeon will spawn a Manifestation of Pride. The manifestation casts Bursting With Pride which pulses AoE damage to the entire party which increases in severity with each cast. Belligerent Boast is also cast on a random ally which, after 4 seconds, explodes outwards in four directions towards cardinal directions. (North, East, South and West). This is to be avoided by all other party members. Upon defeating the manifestation all allies within range are granted the buff Prideful.

  • Be mindful of the trash percentage at all times, if you are caught off guard during the middle of a pack or without any cooldowns, healing can get rough very quickly.
  • The damage stacks up towards the end so where necessary save cooldowns to survive there.
  • It is usually planned to kill the manifestations just before bosses in order to use the buff. Be mindful of what that boss requires of you so you aren't using too much beforehand.
  • Make sure to rotate cooldowns rather than use them all at once. This allows you to maintain the groups health throughout the entire time it takes to kill the manifestation. As well as, leaving you tools for the follow up targets if needed.

Servants of the Jailer can be found throughout the dungeon and grant powerful boons when defeated. If a servant is not dealt with, they empower the final boss.

Mini-BossRecommended Power
Oros ColdheartSatchel
Soggodon the BreakerStone
Executioner VarruthOverflowing
Incinerator Arkolath Bottle

The order in which these mini-bosses appear will vary per dungeon.

Oros Coldheart

  • Aura: Chill - Reduces the movement speed of all players by 50%.
    • This mini-boss is a likely candidate for skipping depending on the final boss as 50% movement speed reduction isn't deadly on all of them.
  • Biting - The caster afflicts a player with Biting Cold, inflicting 2638 Frost damage every 1 sec to the target and any nearby players for 10 sec.
    • Very deadly DoT, have this shown on your frames (ID 356667) as they will need strong ST healing
  • Frost - The caster blasts a target area with Ice. Inflicts 16488 Frost damage and knocks back any players in the impact area.
    • This blast has the same animation as Jaina back in Battle for Dazaralor. Avoid the frontal as it hits hard.
Oros Available Powers
  • Satchel
    • Likely the best option out of the three as it provides very useful movement speed for your party.
  • Portable
    • Potentially useful for quick mana pit stops throughout the dungeon but we have better picks for mana from Executioner.
  • Gavel
    • Unlikely pick for us. We wont be spending much time auto-attacking.

Soggodon the Breaker

  • Aura: Intimidate - Increases Physical damage taken by all players by 50%.
    • Another candidate for skipping if the last boss does not deal significant physical damage.
  • Massive Smash - The caster smashes the ground around them, inflicting 13190 Physical damage. In addition, players struck with this effect are stunned for 5 sec.
  • Lumbering Might - Reduces movement speed by 50%. Causes the caster to inflict 200% increased Physical damage.
    • As this mini-boss is focused on the tank, be prepared for them to take considerable damage whilst this is active.
Soggodon Available Powers
  • Stone
    • Best pick of the three. Potent consistent shielding
  • Self
    • Perhaps a nice survivability pick but we already heal ourselves enough for the damage we take.
  • Tiny
    • Unlikely to see much use, especially when combat is prolonged, compared to the other options.

Executioner Varruth

  • Aura: Thana - Reduces healing received by all players by 50%.
    • This aura is nasty and very unlikely to be skipped.
  • Sever - Inflicts 11541 Physical damage to an additional 1319 Physical damage to an enemy every 1 sec for 8 sec.
  • Carnage - Charge to a target, inflicting 6595 Physical damage to the target and all players within 5 yards and an additional 1319 Bleed damage every 5 sec for 8 sec.
    • This ability can and should be line of sighted as a high priority.
Executioner Available Powers
  • Champion
    • Nice simple stat boost, likely a decent pick up if mana is not needed.
  • Overflowing
    • Default pick up for strong mana gains throughout a dungeon.
  • Stabilising
    • This power may see some niche uses for controlled spot healing. That being said, its not often you are in control of when you need to move.

Invinerator Arkolath

  • Aura: Soulforge - Inflicts Fire damage to all players every 3sec.
    • Not likely to be skipped
  • Scorching Blast - Charge to a target, inflicting 6595 Physical damage to the target and all players within 5 yards and an additional 1319 Bleed damage every 5 sec for 8 sec.
  • Melt Soul - Increases Fire damage taken by 50%.
    • This debuff is applied far quicker than our dispels CD.
    • A quick Mass dispell when the number of debuffs goes over 3 or so can alleviate a lot of damage.
Incinerator Available Powers
  • Champion
    • Nice simple stat boost.
  • Bottle
    • Rng damage and healing. To get the most benefit will require you to be in melee range all the time.
    • Provides strong output throughout a key for both damage and healing
  • Pedestal
    • Very strong haste boost. The self damage, while minor needs to be considered on a dungeon/weekly basis as it will add a tremendous amount of damage taken per second.
    • You can often ignore the self damage and passively heal it.


Enemies throughout the dungeon possess relics of the First Ones. Destroy the relics to summon the First Ones' Automa and gain powerful bonuses, based on the order in which they were destroyed.

RelicEffectSummons on DeathGroup Buff
UrhEnergy BarrageUrh DismantlerDecrypted Urh Cypher
WoQuickening FieldWo DrifterDecrypted Wo Cypher
VyAcceleration FieldVy InterceptorDecrypted Vy Cypher

Summoned Automata

These Automata are summoned based on which relic is killed first. These additional enemies do not have a lot of health. Seemingly pose little threat to your group. It is still good to be aware of what they do and the buffs they grant your group on death.

  • Urh Dismantler
    • Force Slam - The Dematerialization Automa smashes the location of its target, inflicting 18583 Cosmic damage to players standing in the area and stunning them for 1.5 sec.
    • Deconstruct - The Dematerialization Automa smashes their target, inflicting 12389 Physical damage and increases all damage taken by 25% for 5 sec.
    • Grants Decrypted Urh Cypher buff to the party on death.
      • The decrypted Urh cypher grants players 200% increased spell and ability cool down rate and restores 10% health and mana every 1 sec for 10 sec.
        • This is seemingly the most beneficial buff to grab for your group. Extremely powerful CDR, health and mana regen.
        • It is worth considering using powerful Cd's such as Boon of the Ascended in order to benefit from the CDR.
  • Wo Drifter
    • Burst - Inflicts 8259 Cosmic damage to all players.
      • Interuptible
    • Grants Decrypted Wo Cypher buff to the party on death.
      • The decrypted Wo cypher grants players 150% increased movement speed, 15% reduced damage taken, and conceals players from enemy detection while out of combat for 1 min.
        • Could prove useful on specific areas of a dungeon to perform a usual skip.
  • Vy Interceptor
    • Shoot - Inflicts 1858 Cosmic damage to the target.
    • Fusion Beam - The Automa teleports to a new position and fires a beam of Cosmic energy at a player's location, inflicting 16518 Cosmic damage to players in a line.
    • Grants Decrypted Vy Cypher buff to the party on death.
      • The decrypted Vy cypher grants players 15% increased Haste and summons an orb of energy that damages or heals your targets for 45 sec.