Welcome to WarcraftPriests Discipline Priest Guide. This guide is updated to patch 9.2 World of Warcraft Shadowlands.

This Discipline Mythic Plus guide aims to go into as much detail as possible in relation to Mythic Plus for Discipline Priest specifically.

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  • Author: Hellpriesto - Admin at WarcraftPriests, content creator and theorycrafter. Raider for <Witness> on EU-Draenor.
  • Evaluator: Clandon - Moderator at Warcraftpriests, Icy Veins Author for Discipline Priest. Raider for <Incarnate> on US-Tichondrius.


Hello everyone and welcome to WarcraftPriest's Shadowlands Discipline Guide. All feedback and discussion is welcomed, please feel free to contact us in the WarcraftPriest Discord.

Discipline plays quite differently to the majority of the healing roster. Our healing style requires us to be pro-active and make quick decisions for Atonement placement. That being said, with fewer allies to keep healthy we do have opportunities to play reactively as well. It will require a firm grasp of being able to apply efficient Atonement to our allies at the correct moments whilst also dealing damage to our enemies to heal.

Things like talents, stats, covenants, soulbinds, conduits and legendaries are covered in the Main Discipline Priest Guide.


PW:S - Power Word: ShieldPW:R - Power Word: RadianceSW:P - Shadow Word: Pain
SF - ShadowfiendMB - MindbenderPW:B - Power Word: Barrier
PTW - Purge the WickedPotDS - Power of the Dark SideLoF - Leap of Faith
ToF - Twist of FateScov - Shadow CovenantSotM - Sins of the Many
SW:D - Shadow Word: DeathDP - Desperate PrayerPI - Power Infusion
SS - Spirit ShellPS - Pain SuppressionMD - Mass Dispel

What has changed from BFA?

Aside from the large changes to the game such as the level squish, there has not been a lot of changes to Discipline Priest. We have put an article together that goes over all changes here.

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