Welcome to WarcraftPriests Discipline Priest Guide. This guide is updated to patch 9.2 World of Warcraft Shadowlands.

This section goes over our specialisation specific conduits that we can slot into our soulbind trees and how the different ranks work.

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Conduits are elements within the soulbind tree that we can choose from a selection of specialisation specific enhancements or general ones. You are limited to the specific slot that is available between Potency, Finesse or Endurance. These conduits are obtained from various sources which increase their percentage enhancement when obtained at higher item levels. Below are recommended conduits, to read up more on each one go through the rest of the page. The Percentage increase per rank for each conduit is shown at the bottom of the page.

Conduit Quick Glace Recommendations

PlacementConduitDrop Location
1Courageous AscensionQuestline + World Quests
2Shattered PerceptionsQuestline + World Quests
3Exaltation (Spirit Shell)Halls of Atonement
4Shining RadianceThe Necrotic Wake
5Rabid Shadows (Mindbender)Plaguefall
6Rabid Shadows (Shadowfiend)Plaguefall
7Swift PenitenceHalls of Atonement
8Festering TransfusionQuestline + World Quests
9Pain TransformationMists of Tirne Scithe
10Exaltation (Evangelism)Halls of Atonement
11Mind DevourerDe Other Side
12Fae FermataQuestline + World Quests
In all Soulbind trees it will be worth it to prioritize the Potency slots and slot the top Discipline Priest Conduits listed here.
PlacementConduitDrop Location
1Translucent ImageCastle Nathria - Lady Inerva Darkvein
2condensedWorld Boss - Mor'geth
3Charitable SoulCastle Nathria - General Kaal
4Light's InspirationCastle Nathria - Sire Denathrius
All of these are quite low value, Tranlucent Image is placed on top due to the capbaility of a higher threshold depending on the damage intake.
PlacementConduitDrop Location
1Clear MindOribos
-Mental RecoveryCastle Nathria - Shriekwing
-Move with GraceCastle Nathria - Hungering Destroyer
-Power Unto OthersCastle Nathria - Castellan Niklaus
All of these are highly situational, Clear Mind is placed top simply due to having the best overall applications.


Potency conduits carry the largest impact to our performance by directly enhancing our spells.

  • Swift Penitence - The damage or healing of your first bolt of Penance is increased by 30.0%.
    • Simple passive healing increase as Penance will most commonly be used during high Atonement Counts.
  • Shining Radiance - Power Word: Radiance's healing is increased by 40.0%.
    • Significant healing increase to a smart heal. If you are overhealing with your Radiances this conduit will have next to no value.
  • Pain Transformation - Pain Suppression also heals your target for 15.0% of their maximum health.
    • Big Burst of healing. Even when looking at tank health this conduit is still tied to a very long cool down. It also counteracts your main use of the spell, for damage prevention. (You want to cast it before they take damage)
  • Exaltation - Rapture / Spirit Shell duration is increased by 1 sec, and its Power Word: Shield / Spirit Shell's Absorption enhancement is increased by 6%.
  • Rabid Shadows (Shadow) - Mindbender/Shadowfiend's attack speed is increased by 12%.
    • While a Shadow Conduit it will apply to our pets as well. Its benefit will be extremely variable depending on how many extra hits you gain and Atonement counts.
  • Mind Devourer (Shadow) - Mind Blast deals 5.0% increased damage and has a 10% chance to make your next Devouring Plague cost no insanity.
    • Again a Shadow Conduit that will also apply to our Mind Blast and into Atonement. However, not the greatest output increase.

Covenant Potency

These conduits directly enhance the Class Ability of your selected covenant.

  • Courageous Ascension - Ascended Blast deals an additional 10% damage, and Ascended Eruption deals an additional 1% damage per stack of Boon of the Ascended.
    • Considerable increase to an already very potent ability.
  • Festering Transfusion - Unholy Transfusion's duration is increased by 5 sec and deals 10% more damage and healing.
    • Unholy Nova lacks on the healing department compared to our other choices which subsequently means this conduit suffers.
  • Fae Fermata - Your Fae Guardians leave behind a 60% effective copy of their benefit, lasting 3.8 sec when they jump to a new target.
    • Not a recommended choice as the Night Fae ability is already low value.
  • Shattered Perceptions - Mindgames lasts an additional 15 sec and deals an additional 15% damage or healing.
    • Considerable increase to an already very potent ability.


Finesse conduits do not grant any direct performance increase. Instead enhance some of our utility spells.

  • Clear Mind - Dispel Magic, Purify, and Mass Dispel cost 20% less mana.
    • Be it Raid or Mythic + there will very likely always be debuffs to dispel.
  • Mental Recovery - After Psychic Scream ends, affected targets' movement speed is reduced by 40% for 5 sec.
    • Could see some very niche use to help with add control.
  • Move with Grace - Leap of Faith's cooldown is reduced by 20.0 sec.
    • If there is a reason to need Leap on a shorter cooldown is yet to be seen.
  • Power Unto Others - Casting Power Infusion on an ally reduces its cooldown by 5 sec.
    • Again a niche option, very small reduction unlikely to be necessary often.


Endurance conduits enhance our spells with some additional survivability effects.

  • Charitable Soul - Casting Power Word: Shield on an ally also shields you for 10% of the amount for 10 sec.
    • This one requires no active effort and will just passively grant you small shielding.
  • Light's Inspiration - Desperate Prayer heals you for an additional 5% of your maximum health over 5 sec.
    • Small additional heal on our own personal heal.
  • Translucent Image - For the first 5 sec of Fade, you take 6% reduced damage.
    • As long as you maintain frequent use of fade during damage intake this is likely to provide the highest results.
  • condensed - When you take any damage, heal for 0.25% of your maximum health. This can only occur once every 10 sec.
    • Extremely low-value health regen. Our worst Endurance trait.

Conduit Percentage Per Rank

This table is not to be confused with a ranking of performance. This table purely shows how each conduit scales with rank. These ranks are determined by the ilvl of the conduit you obtain.

Swift Penitence303336394245485154576063666972
Shining Radiance404448525660646872768084889296
Pain Transformation1516.51819.52122.52425.52728.53031.53334.536
Rabid Shadows (Shadow)1220.922.824.726.628.530.432.334.236.13839.941.843.745.6
Mind Devourer (Shadow)55.566.577.588.599.51010.51111.512
Courageous Ascension2527.53032.53537.54042.545485052.55557.560
Festering Transfusion66.
Fae Fermata3.84.184.564.945.325.76.086.466.847.227.67.988.368.749.12
Shattered Perceptions1314.315.616.918.219.520.822.123.424.72627.328.629.931.2
Clear Mind202224262830323436384042444648
Mental Recovery2527.53032.53537.54042.54547.55052.55557.560
Move with Grace202224262830323436384042444648
Power Unto Others66.
Charitable Soul1314.315.616.918.219.520.822.123.424.72627.328.62931.2
Light's Inspiration66.
Translucent Image66.