Welcome to WarcraftPriests Discipline Priest Guide. This guide is updated to patch 9.2 World of Warcraft Shadowlands.

Our aim with this guide is to go into as much detail as possible in relation to Covenants for Discipline Priest. Discipline Priest Covenant abilities and Soulbind trees will be covered on their respective Covenant page.

Table of Contents

Which Covenant?

Shadowlands is putting a tremendous amount of weight into the selection of a covenant. Most of this is because once you have chosen it is going to be difficult or extremely punishing to switch.

A lot of effort is being put into each covenant to make them unique and appealing in their own ways. You get different abilities, transmogs, aesthetics, covenant hubs and many other things. Ultimately in some form or another, a decision will need to be made. The pointers relating to this decision within this will be primarily focused on the potential performance increase.

To get a greater understanding of all the other specifics tied to covenants that are not Discipline Priest specific, to help you make your decision, I would suggest doing some additional research.

Quick Glance Covenant Recommendations

CovenantPlacement M+Placement RaidsNotes
Venthyr21/2Strong healing burst through Atonements on a short cooldown. Once the 4-set is equipped it gains significant output to be competitive in raids.
Necrolord33Reasonable damage in multitarget scenarios, low-value healing through Atonements
Night Fae44All-round insignificant towards performance with no direct Atonement output.
Kyrian11/2Tremendous healing burst through Atonements on a long cooldown
This is a very brief overview. It is highly recommended to do additional research and learn everything about how each covenant operates. Now that you can freely swap once having one covenant at renown 80 you can play around with different setups.

Covenant Overview

Venthyr: Mind Games


  • Mana Free.
  • High damage into Atonement healing.
  • Short cooldown.


  • No scaling damage on multiple targets.

Summary - A strong healing increase via Atonement is very versatile and easy to work into your rotation. A strong contender for Raiding and Mythic +.

Necrolord: Unholy Nova


  • Instant cast AoE damage and heal.
  • Short cooldown.


  • High mana cost.
  • In multi-target situations, Atonement healing is reduced.
  • Limited healing increase due to singular Atonement transfer.

Summary - Overall quite underwhelming compared to other options that interact with Atonement. Its the only ability with a mana cost and has fairly low healing output. That being said, it can provide decent damage within a M+ environment.

Night Fae: Fae Guardians


  • Additional mana regen.
  • Damage reduction.
  • CDR for allies


  • Extremely awkward to play with / keep a track of.
  • No Atonement interaction or direct performance increase.

Summary - immensely underwhelming. Has the least impact on your performance and also comes with awkward mechnical behaviour.

Kyrian: Boon of the Ascended


  • High damage and healing output over a short time period.
  • No mana cost.


  • Awkward to play with due to different GCD timers/spell cooldowns and Atonement timing.
  • Very long cooldown.

Summary - Exceptional output and excels at getting you out of a tough situation. Due to the way it plays it may be difficult to work into a typical rotation within a raid but will still grant results. Strongest pick within raids and M+ with high AoE damage and healing.