This article is purely a collection of the Discipline Priest changes going into Shadowlands and will be continually updated until launch.

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Spell Changes

+4BFABFA + Healing AuraShadowlandsEffective Change
Power Word: Shield154%N/A (healing aura baked in)165%+11
Shadow Mend180%252%320%+68
Power Word: Radiance62.5%87.5%105%+17.5
Holy Nova10%14%18%+4
Divine Star50%70%70%0
Shadow Covenant135%189%150%-39
SpellBFAShadowlandsShadowlands Damage AuraEffective Change
Shadow Word: Pain (Instant)16.5%12.92%13%-3.5
Shadow Word: Pain (DoT)12.4%9.58%9.6%-2.8
Power Word: Solace83%75%N/A-8
Holy Nova24%17%N/A-7
All other damage spells are also effected by our Aura reducing their damage by 6%

  • Power Word: Fortitude - Increases stamina by 5% (down from 10%).
  • Smite - No longer has an absorb component attached. A stronger version Added onto Mind Blast instead.
  • Fade - Now reduces enemy aggro range on us.
  • Rapture - Now instantly casts a Shield on your target upon activation.
    • No longer need to wait for a GCD to apply a shield
    • Buff duration changed to suit. Now 8s (down from 10).
  • Discipline spec aura has been modified.
    • All healers have a hidden aura that is applied to the spec. It increases all healing spells healing by 40%. This specific effect has been removed and all spells have had their flat healing amounts increased to counter it.
    • Shadow Word: Pain has had its reduction increased
    • A flat -6% aura is applied to all our damage spells.
  • Power Word: Solace - 15s cooldown (up from 12s).
  • Shadow Covenant - 30s cooldown (up from 20). Heal absorb for 50% of initial heal removed.
    • Now also increases shadow damage/healing dealt by 25% for 9s.
    • Prevents any holy spell being cast for the duration of the buff.
  • Schism - Damage dealt to target increased by 25% (down from 40%) for 9 seconds.
  • Focused Will - Once again stacks up to 2
  • Holy Nova - Output reduced if there are more than 5 targets.
    • Rank 2 now unlocked at level 56
    • Rank 2 of this ability has changed: If your Holy Nova deals damage to at least 3 enemies, a second Holy Nova will be cast a moment later at 50% effectiveness at the same location.
    • Used to be - Reduces the global cooldown of your holy nova by 0.5s

  • Mind Blast
  • Mind Soothe (level 52)
  • Power Infusion (level 58)
    • Can now be cast on allies.
  • Shadow Word: Death
    • Does not interact with Atonement
    • Needs a specific legendary to do so.
    • Reflect damage capped at 50% of your maximum health.
  • Mind Sear
    • Interacts with atonement. The first target hit only, similar to all other Disc AoE spells.
  • Spirit Shell - Replaces Luminous Barrier on the last row.
    • 2% Mana cost.
    • 60s Cooldown.
    • Replaces Rapture.
    • For 10 sec, Penance, Power Word: Radiance, and Atonement create absorb shields instead of healing.
    • Off the GCD.