This article is purely a collection of the Discipline Priest changes going into Shadowlands and will be continually updated until launch.

If you are aware of a change that is not listed below please feel free to contact anyone on the disc team in the Warcraftpriests Discord.


Spell Changes

Mana Adjustments
Healing SP Coefficients
Damage SP Coefficients
Spells Modified
New Spells
SpellBFABFA + Healing AuraShadowlandsEffective Change
Power Word: Shield154%N/A (healing aura baked in)200%+46
Shadow Mend180%252%320%+68
Power Word: Radiance62.5%87.5%105%+17.5
Holy Nova10%14%18%+4
Divine Star50%70%70%0
Shadow Covenant135%189%150%-39
SpellBFAShadowlandsShadowlands - Damage AuraEffective Change
Shadow Word: Pain (Instant)16.5%19%8.5%-8
Shadow Word: Pain (DoT)12.4%14.1%11.4%-1
Power Word: Solace83%80%N/A-3
Holy Nova24%18%N/A-6

  • Power Word: Fortitude - Increases stamina by 5% (down from 10%).
  • Smite - No longer has an absorb component attached. A stronger version Added onto Mind Blast instead.
  • Fade - Now reduces enemy aggro range on us.
  • Rapture - Now instantly casts a Shield on your target upon activation.
    • No longer need to wait for a GCD to apply a shield
    • Buff duration changed to suit. Now 8s (down from 10).
  • Discipline spec aura has been modified.
    • All healers have a hidden aura that is applied to the spec. It increases all healing spells healing by 40%. This specific effect has been removed and all spells have had their flat healing amounts increased to counter it.
  • Shadowfiend - Duration now 10s (down from 15s)
  • Power Word: Solace - 15s cooldown (up from 12s).
  • Shadow Covenant - 30s cooldown (up from 20). Heal absorb for 50% of initial heal removed.
    • Now also increases shadow damage/healing dealt by 25% for 9s.
    • Prevents any holy spell being cast for the duration of the buff.
  • Focused Will - Once again stacks up to 2
  • Holy Nova - Output reduced if there are more than 5 targets.
    • Rank 2 of this ability has changed: If your Holy Nova deals damage to at least 3 enemies, a second Holy Nova will be cast a moment later at 50% effectiveness at the same location.
    • Used to be - Reduces the global cooldown of your holy nova by 0.5s

  • Mind Blast
  • Mind Soothe
  • Power Infusion
    • Can now be cast on allies.
  • Shadow Word: Death
    • Does not interact with Atonement
    • Needs a specific legendary to do so.
    • Reflect damage capped at 50% of your maximum health.
  • Mind Sear
    • Interacts with atonement. The first target hit only, similar to all other Disc AoE spells.
  • Spirit Shell - Replaces Luminous Barrier on the last row.
    • 2% Mana cost.
    • 60s Cooldown.
    • Replaces Rapture.
    • For 10 sec, Penance, Power Word: Radiance, and Atonement create absorb shields instead of healing.
    • Off the GCD.